Peter Coti

Emergency management enthusiast.


At the moment, my primary interest is researching and analyzing current events in terms of how they play into the global scene. To many it sounds pretty boring, but to me the premise of being able to predict and understand the events of tomorrow is fascinating.

Right now the world is seeing a whole host of problems and if we want to get control we need to triage the issues quickly and work on effective solutions which makes security studies very important.


I currently hold a BA in International Politics from Penn State, graduating in 2019. Profesionally, I am a NRP and a New Jersey Certified Emergency Manager. My current educational objective is to obtain my JD.


  • A well rounded education background
  • The ability to work gracefully under pressure
  • Knowledge of various computer systems
  • Determination to overcome obstacles
  • Contact

    I can be contacted via email, or through smoke signals.